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The Same Coin - 17 - La Cucaracha

Some kriff-ups in a ship too big for their crew need to make a plan.

The Same Coin - 16 - Sabacc in the Saddle Again

Each member of the crew makes a new friend, one way or another.

One-Shot - Pyrewaltz: Love is Coming Again

Kat and Erika express their love for each other through grandiose speeches and mecha fights.

Force Echo 02 - Cause Without a Rebel

Can Plex survive the most challenging part of the Imperial Academy, Prom night?!

Force Echo 01 - Uyter-ly Ridiculous

Brought to you by COMPNOR

The Same Coin - 15 - Polesitter? I barely know her!

A dicey race, a skirmish, and a whole lot of washed rolls.

Chicks With Dice Holiday Special

We're sorry this is late. This entire episode was cursed.

The Same Coin - 14 - Never bet on Jack

Gambling always pays off... until it doesn't

The Same Coin - 13 - A Clone Walks Into A Bar

He says ouch.

Big Fight Feel One-Shot - Marking Out With My Girlfriend Crossover

Kat and Erin layout their dream wrestling feud. How did it start? How will it end? You can only find out by listening!

The Same Coin - 12 - This Orange Gets Juiced w/ Ashley Nova

We're joined this week by a guest, Dr. Ashley Nova!

The Same Coin - 11 - Trouble with Torulbas

A human, a rodian, and a clawdite walk into a library.

Hex Ed One-Shot w/ OhKay

A game of wizards, witches, and drug-fueled orgies. When we say explicit, we mean EXPLICIT

The Same Coin - 10 - Dac in Black

Sienar's finest head to Mon Cala? Mon Calamari? Dac? they head to Admiral Akbar's home planet to begin their recruiting mission.

Dark Side Arc 1 (Rishi Arc) Recap

Dark Side Rishi Arc Recap

The Same Coin - 09 - Sienar Swoop Racing

Ok it's actually kind of funny, but I make a Deep Space 9 joke in the episode numbered DS09. It was unintentional, I swear.

The Same Coin - 08 - This Lifetime

A blaster from the past shows up. Plex gets winded. Foam wrestling happens.

The Same Coin - 07 - Spice World

Plexy Drew and The Sienar Boys in The Missing Vest Mystery (This is to avoid spoilers)

The Same Coin - 06 - Pyke's Space Roast

This episode features all-dressed chips and a space battle, you make the connection.

One Shot 01 - Erika Plays "The Fear is Just a Lie"

Due to Tropical Strom Iasias, we have a special One-shot!

The Same Coin - 05 - Give 'em the Hard Sell

Wait they're actually doing their jobs now?

The Same Coin - 04 - The Showdown at Fueling Station 1312

Can Sienar's finest survive a simple refueling? Tune in to find out

The Same Coin - 03 - Seduction, Spice, and Speeders

Intoxicated by the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Rishi, will the crew remember their mission?

The Same Coin - 02 - He's got a blaster!

Jumped! in an alleyway! Will our protagonists of questionable morality triumph in a street brawl?

The Same Coin - 01 - The Saga Begins

Join the employees of Sienar Fleet Systems on a clandestine sales opportunity in the Rishi system.

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