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Bonspiel!! - Episode 1 - Hogged Stones and Heartbreak

Welcome to Sudbury and High School Curling for the pilot of our upcoming patreon exclusive series, Bonspiel!! Tournament Arc is written by Chloe Montgomery and Alyssa ...

DLG2TA - iv - Character Preview Beverage

A preview for Disaster Lesbians' Guide to the Apocalypse! Get to know Beverage.Get Kat's latest game, Homicide Android Journals here https://zaftikat.itch.io/homicide-...

The Same Coin - 54 - Penultimate Peril!

The crew of the Aurum is regaining control of the situation? Lordy duty indeed...Find Kat's latest games here http://zaftikat.dogSupport us on patreon at patreon.com/s...

The Same Coin - 53 - Pogue one

The crew of the Aurum has lost control of the situation.Find Kat's latest games here http://zaftikat.dogSupport us on patreon at patreon.com/sosesmediaThe Same Coin Th...

The Same Coin - 52 - Family Reunion

The crew of the Aurum is finally all back together, and they couldn't be happier to see each other. Right? Plus Kat won't stop saying "Tech" in the Omega voice. It doe...

TSC - 51 - Senior Staff Panopticon

This week's episode is a short one due to some issues with recording, but it's impactful nonetheless! Enjoy! Find Kat's latest games here http://zaftikat.dogSupport us...

The Same Coin - 50 - A Keell Goldberg Machine

A daring escape, distractions, and ever more elaborate plans. Powered by I Have the High Ground!Buy I Have the High Ground jessfromonline.itch.io/ihthg Find Kat's late...

One-shot 15: Call it in the Ring

Can the Breakfast Bunch win the Restaurant Federation Wrestling tag titles from the Carbonaras?

The Same Coin - 46 - The Legs of the Grakks

Gleexl's crew had to track down and blackmail a Hutt while fighting off the sniffles.

The Same Coin - 45 - The Parade Episode

I'm sure nothing terrible will happen from here on

DLG2TA - iii - Character Preview Riley Knutsen

A preview for Disaster Lesbians' Guide to the Apocalypse! Get to know Riley Knutsen.

The Same Coin - 43 - Lovers Labourers Lost-ers?

Erin would like me to inform you all that they feel gross for this one.

DLG2tA - Character Preview - Euphrema Nayler

A preview for Disaster Lesbians' Guide to the Apocalypse, and the debut of our new theme song!

The Same Coin - 42 - Dinner and Drinks

I bet you 5 republic credits you won't guess who gets drunk.

The Same Coin - 41 - Barada Galactic Minerals, GmbH

Don't let Kat forget Plex has a Favoured Terrain bonus

One-shot 14: A Long Night in the Mech Bay

Spanner and Hot Tub are awkward around each other. It'll make sense.

The Same Coin - 40 - A Familiar Face in Binders?

The crew has to swap prisoners with the Pykes. Will their history with the prisoner make this impossible?

The Same Coin - 39 - Starships & Mosh Pits

The crew goes to a show, and Plex sits down the entire time. Everyone boo Plex.

The Same Coin - 38 - Goodbye Kyber Thursday

*Yularen Voice* Dinner and drinks, and derring-do?

The Same Coin - 37 - Convention Woes

Bottle up your feelings, it's time for a convention

The Same Coin - 36 - It's All About the BOOM

Things get heated in the final battle. You won't believe the explosive finish!

DLG2TA - Series Announcement

This episode of Chicks with Dice is produced commercially, pay us for our work, please. Title Card found at https://imgur.com/a/JvmFJesFollow Kat on itch.io to get not...

One-Shot - I Have the High Ground by Jess Levine

A rivalry between lovers, a book of seditious poems, and a duel of desire

The Same Coin - 34 - Space Raccoon Invaders

Chicks with Dice is not affiliated with Topo Chico (yet)

The Same Coin - 33 - It's a Clone-llennial thing.

Gee Kat, how come your RPG group lets you track four initiatives?

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