DLG2tA - Character Preview - Euphrema Nayler

A preview for Disaster Lesbians' Guide to the Apocalypse, and the debut of our new theme song!
A preview for Disaster Lesbians' Guide to the Apocalypse! Get to know Euphrema Nayler.

Get Kat's latest game, Call It In The Ring here https://zaftikat.itch.io/call-it
and listen to it on Party of One Podcast episode here https://tinyurl.com/ycy9jfb9

Meghan Cross' Session Zero can be found here https://meghanlynnftw.itch.io/session-zero

The theme song for Chicks with Dice's Lesbians Guide to the Apocalypse is "My Mommy Dom Spit In My Mouth and Now I'm a Commie" by Over My Dead Name. Find them on Bandcamp here https://overmydeadname.bandcamp.com/

Kathleen Hyslop (it/its or she/her) 
Erin Cotter (They/Them)
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