One Shot - 04 - Pyrewaltz: Love is Coming Again

Kat and Erika express their love for each other through grandiose speeches and mecha fights.
Hello patrons! This month we played Pyrewaltz: Love is Coming Again by Soup. You can find this game in James D'Amato's Ultimate Micro-RPG Book. You can find that by going to Indiebound and searching for it with your local bookstore!

I hope this episode brings you as much joy as it brought us. We had a TON of fun with this game. Admittedly, after having a quick chat with Soup, we played some parts of this game incorrectly.

The rule we (and the final published version of the game) missed is: "Failure and success zones should overwrite each other in most situations. If you're in tension and roll a tie/need to advance contradicting zones at the same time, you phaseshift." If you play Pyrewaltz, keep that rule in mind!

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Music for this episode:
Neon Laser Horizon by Kevin MacLeod

CWs: violence, revenge story, political violence, sexual tension between two rival mech pilots who are played by IRL girlfriends whose love language is fights to the death

Legion Trooper 2962 (Na'se Verrano) - Kathleen Hyslop
Under Ten Thousand Trees Can Equity Ring Freely - Erika Belsaas  
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