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One Shot - Doing the Job by Jeff Stormer

Kat got depressed this week and so you're getting a vintage never before seen one-shot

One Shot 11 - Low Stakes - Blender Ghosts

Three girls, a guy, and a pizza place or something.

The Same Coin - 29 - Light Calisthenics

We catch up with Plex and Keell while SD undergoes the Cave Trial

We're off this week - Shanah Tovah!

Chicks with Dice is taking a break this week for the Jewish High Holidays!

The Same Coin - 26 - Poised and Balanced

The crew gets a slightly larger dosage of Balantology

The Same Coin - 25 - Warpsie Daisy

Answering a distress signal on the way to a conference. Should be easy right? .... It should be easy right?

The Same Coin - 24 - Worldbuilding w/ James D'Amato

We're joined by James D'Amato to run through a world-building exercise from his new book!

One Shot 09 - Thy Words Inspire, Thespians

Small town community theatre and big egos collide in such exciting ways.

The Same Coin - 23 - Back to Base-ics

The crew of the Aurum gets in trouble at work.

The Same Coin - 22 - A Credit to The Empire

Our thrilling battle concludes, and our crew colludes

One Shot 07.b The Ground Itself part 2

Kat and Kira continue the story of a dying MMO

The Same Coin Star Wars Day Special - Ignite! - Part 2

High drama on the circuit, higher drama off? That's racing baby

The Same Coin Star Wars Day Special - Ignite! - Part 1

We got to playtest a Formula 1 Firebrands game and made it Star Wars!

The Same Coin - 21 - The Enemy of my Frenemy

In which the crew faces consequences for their actions.

One Shot - 01 - Sports Are Just Numerology

Surprise! Our very first Chicks with Dice Patreon one shot, brought to you several months later as a bonus episode!

The Same Coin - 20 - I've got a cousin who can help

We didn't mean to but we accidentally kind of did a bottle episode?

One Shot - 07 - The Ground Itself, Part 1

Kat and Kira join forces to tell the story of an MMO on the verge of shutdown.

The Same Coin - 18 - Mission Improbable

A short walking tour of Crimson Dawn headquarters.

One Shot - 05 - Everyone Is Matt Hardy

1 professional wrestler, 29 years experience, 4 distinct personalities. In this game Everyone Is Matt Hardy!

The Same Coin - 17 - La Cucaracha

Some kriff-ups in a ship too big for their crew need to make a plan.

The Same Coin - 16 - Sabacc in the Saddle Again

Each member of the crew makes a new friend, one way or another.

One Shot - 04 - Pyrewaltz: Love is Coming Again

Kat and Erika express their love for each other through grandiose speeches and mecha fights.

Force Echo 02 - Cause Without a Rebel

Can Plex survive the most challenging part of the Imperial Academy, Prom night?!

The Same Coin - 15 - Polesitter? I barely know her!

A dicey race, a skirmish, and a whole lot of washed rolls.

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