Force Echo 01 - Uyter-ly Ridiculous

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Learn about who Plex was before she worked for Sienar!

We have our first commissioned character art! Many thanks to @Loweryi for the beautiful depiction of our very own Keell Krennick!

Kat is participating in the Solo But Not Alone bundle on itch. If you haven't already considered it, check it out!  You get 87 games for $10

Keep your ears out for the upcoming Intimacy From Afar zine coming from Chicks With Dice Studios!

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All music on this episode was created by Sounds Like an Earful. Sound effects from Freesound used under a CC0 license. 
Daven Lundek III - Erika Belsaas
Plex Slütsel - Erin Cotter
Everyone Else - Kathleen Bader-Hyslop
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