One Shot 11 - Low Stakes - Blender Ghosts

Three girls, a guy, and a pizza place or something.
Join Kat, Kira, and Hannah for a game of Low Stakes by Craig Campbell

You can buy Low Stakes on DriveThruRPG

This episode features music by Odyssey Eurobeat, who graciously allowed us to use her Bronycon 2019 mix of Discord!
Thanks so much, Jessa! 

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All other music was created by Chris Postill of Sounds Like an Earful. Music on this episode was created by Sounds Like an Earful.  All sound effects from Freesound are used under a CC0 license.
Kira Mueller - Alexandra the Glampire
Hannah Stewart - Jana Black, the gamer witch
Kathleen Hyslop - Eliza Cohen, the ghost
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