The Same Coin - 34 - Space Raccoon Invaders

Chicks with Dice is not affiliated with Topo Chico (yet)
Chicks with Dice is not affiliated with Topo Chico (yet)

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The Same Coin Theme was created by Chris Postill of Sounds Like an Earful. Music on this episode was created by Sounds Like an Earful unless otherwise noted.
Sound effects used under Creative Commons 3 Attribution License:
Dropping Body in Mud by jjhouse4
Heavy Impacts by richerlandtv

Alec "Space Dumpster" Aranz - 40 under 40 Gay Luminary Erika Rebecca Belsaas (Any/All)
Keell Krennick - Emma Hyslop (Any/All) 
Plex  - Erin Cotter (They/Them)
Everyone else - Kathleen Hyslop (Zi/Ir זי/איר or she/her)
This episode was edited by the wives Hyslop
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