The Same Coin - 38 - Goodbye Kyber Thursday

*Yularen Voice* Dinner and drinks, and derring-do?
*Yularen Voice* Dinner and drinks, and derring-do?

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Peppy Pepe by Kevin MacLeod

Up5.wav by bumpelsnake

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The Same Coin Theme was created by Chris Postill of Sounds Like an Earful. Music on this episode was created by Sounds Like an Earful unless otherwise noted.

 Alec "Space Dumpster" Aranz - 40 under 40 Gay Luminary Erika Rebecca Belsaas (Any/All) 
Keell Krennick - Emma Hyslop (Shrug emoji pronouns  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) 
Plex  - Erin Cotter (They/Them)
Everyone else - Kathleen Hyslop ( it/its or she/her )

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